Welcome to Wabi Cycles
My goal was to design a selection of fixed gear bikes that would be a blast to ride, to be used for commuting all the way to long distance
training. Consequently, the Wabi bikes feature a
road oriented design. All aspects of the bikes' performance- climbing, descending,
cornering, acceleration and comfort- were considered in the design. The result? High performance steel bikes, that all feature incomparable
performance, at prices not possible at your local bike shop. I import them directly from the builder, saving you hundreds of dollars over
comparably spec'ed bicycles (if you could find bikes this nice in the shops...)
And no splashy graphics or parts with Wabi logos all over them. Click
here to learn more about how Wabi bikes are different from the other
single speeds out there.

Where did the name "Wabi" come from anyway?
Wabi (rhymes with hobby) is a Japanese word that means simple and functional, transcending fad and fashion- the  minimalist, "less is more"
concept, and I believe it captures the essence of the cycling experience. The fixed gear is the most fundamental example of the wabi
concept- a beautifully simple, elegant, efficient machine. Not sure why someone would choose to ignore the seemingly obvious advantages of
multiple gearing? Check out a list of reasons
why fixies have a place in the world of cycling.

Wabi Cycles' mission
My goal is to provide fully thought out, carefully designed, high quality, high value cycling products that add to the enjoyment of whatever
type of cycling you do- from practical urban transport to performance oriented training.
bike lane marker for commuting
I started with one of my long-time loves, fixed gears (fixies), and there are several other models (not necessarily fixies) in the works, as well as some accessory items. So
stay tuned.
In my opinion, details matter- I carefully consider each aspect of a product thoroughly. With decades of experience in the sport and the industry, there's a solid
understanding and knowledge of functional and excellent design. Wabi is a small, nimble, flexible company, and since I work directly with the factories, I can offer
tremendous value.

Why buy a Wabi bicycle?
These are bikes designed with riders in mind, not trends or price points. Want to run errands around town one day, or go out for an aggressive training ride another? No
problem, a Wabi bike will perform.
And you might also want something unique- a higher performance (but not so well decorated with logos) bike than the models offered by the other brands, and you don't
care to be a part of their mobile advertising plan.....
These bicycles have been designed from the ground up here at Wabi Cycles in Downtown Los Angeles. They're not factory bikes rebadged with the Wabi name, or last
year's product bought at a discount and sent to you in a box needing professional assembly to be made rideable.  Each frame design is individually created, including choice
of materials, specific tube dimensions and frame angles. All frames are thoroughly checked for build quality and alignment before leaving the factory. The components have
been chosen based on functionality, quality, value and appearance. To learn more about my
design and specing philosophies, click here. Each bike is fully adjusted and
inspected before the minor disassembly required to put the bike into a shippable box size to send it to you. You will need to do some minor
reassembly after receiving your
bike, and then adjust the stem, bar and seat positions to your preference.
If you have any questions or problems, please
contact Wabi Cycles for any help you may need. I have a lot of experience helping people set up their bikes via long
distance. The goal is for you to be happy with the bike, so don't hesitate to contact Wabi if you have questions or need assistance. For questions about correct fit, see the
guide page for more info.
For more information on Wabi's
bicycle, frame and wheel design philosophies, click here.
Customer service
Wabi Cycles backs everything it sells- you can see the details on the Warranties page. But in the end, you won’t have to worry about your investment in my product. I want
you to be happy with your purchases, and I'll make every effort to ensure you're satisfied with any dealings you have with Wabi Cycles.
In addition, a note about respect. It's far too common in the retail bike trade to run into bike snobbery from store personnel. My promise is that it will not happen here. My
job is to make sure you get what you need, whether it's info or product, to make your cycling experience better.

Why is there a Wabi Cycles?
I fell in love with the bicycle, and cycling, in 1971, shortly after I bought my first bike (as an adult) to use for commuting.  Since then, I've ridden many, many thousands of
commuting miles, raced for 4 years of USCF amateur road racing, been on a few camping touring trips, ridden many miles on tandems, and done some mountain biking in
its early years. I started riding fixed gear bikes in 1978, as a training tool for my racing. The fixed became a permanent fixture in my cycling ever since- they're just fun to
ride, no other reason needed.
In addition, I have been working in the cycling industry since 1972, including many years in product development which allowed me to spend a lot of time working with the
major producers of cycling products all around the world. My intention with Wabi Cycles is to have all of that personal and professional experience add up to excellent
products that enhance your cycling experience.

Want to see what the Wabi Cycles facility looks like?

Bicycles as solution
Having used bikes for all of these years for daily transportation, I strongly encourage the use of bicycles for commuting whenever
possible. In the fight to wean ourselves from oil and its side effects, it all adds up. Cycle commuting might just be the only activity
that is healthy, economical, politically correct AND fun all at the same time.

If you have any questions or comments, please
contact us and let us know.

Ride on!

Richard Snook
2 fixed gear riders going south on Flower St in downtown LA
Welcome fixed gears!
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