Wabi Cycles Retail Pricing Philosophy

There are various ways to arrive at retail pricing for products, and I prefer to just be straight up about it. Wabi bikes are definitely good values, even though you don’t see
a lot of red ink everywhere. I buy from the factories directly and sell to you, the final consumer. I have 2 choices at that point- charge what they “should” cost, as if they
were being sold in a bike shop, or reduce the retail price. I chose the second option. Using the
Classic bike as an example, if I added all of the normal markups from
factory to bike shop, it would have an MSRP of $1100- $1200.

Another pricing option is to use an inflated MSRP (you can say it’s whatever you want if it’s your brand), slash through it and show a retail price that seems like a bargain-
similar to the “Valued At” routine. It always looks like you’re getting a bargain, but be careful about what the actual value is if it’s not a commodity item.

My philosophy has always been to let the product sell itself, make sure it’s what it should be and that it will meet or exceed the expectations of the customer. We have
been trained to always look for the slashed prices, but it’s not always the best way to approach purchasing the products that are important in our lives.