Wabi Special fixed gear bike
Wabi Classic fixed gear bike
All Wabi fixed gear bikes are available as frames, or as complete bikes
Classic: With the Reynolds 725 frame tubes, the Classic fixed gear for road use
offers superb road feel and great vibration absorption making it excellent for
longer rides.

Special: This is the traditionalist's choice, due to the craftsmanship of the lugged
and brazed frame. The road manners are incredible- it feels very connected to the
pavement, very secure, especially on rough sections. This bike soaks up road
vibration, and is, in my opinion, the best one for long distance riding comfort. A
top quality fixed gear, the Special weighs in at 18.6 lbs.

Lightning SE: The Lightning SE is for the weight conscious cyclist, and delivers a
ride quality that is only available with high quality steel. The
Lightning is the best of
the 3 for acceleration and hill climbing, due to the low frame weight and the rigidity
of the bottom bracket area of the frame. A super light single speed weighing in at
16.3 to 17.5 lbs. depending on how you set it up.
Capsule descriptions of each Wabi Cycles fixed gear
model (click on the "More Info" buttons  for details):
Introducing the first
Wabi g
eared bike, the
Lightning RE
Based on the design of the popular
Lightning SE fixed gear, the RE
offers the same responsive and
buttery smooth performance as
the SE, just w
ith multiple gears. A
road bike with
the beautiful ride
quality that you only get from
super light steel
, without the
weight penalty
New geared road bike from Wabi