Wabi Cycles dual fixed cog
Wabi CNC rear fixed gear cog and lock ring
Fixed cogs
Machined (not stamped) steel track cogs, compatible with English/ISO
Standard 1.37" x 24 tpi hubs. For use with 3/32" chains (also can use with
1/8"). The threading is precise to prevent any possible damage to the alloy
hub threads. Available in 14T- 19T sizes.
Cog lock ring
Machined steel, with precision threading. Universal fit for all English/ISO
Standard 1.29" x 24 tpi track hubs.
Fixed cog  
Lock ring
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gear chart for 700C wheels
Gearing Chart for 700C Wheel
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Wabi Cycles 18/16 Dual Fixed Cog
Custom CNC'ed 1 piece dual rear cog (18 and 16T) allows a gearing choice
without removing the rear wheel. Just loosen the axle nuts, slide the wheel
forward, move the chain to the other cog, set the chain tension and re-tighten
the rear axle nuts.

It's lighter than 2 separate cogs, and don't worry about alignment. It can only
be used with a 3/32" chain which has plenty of flexibility to handle a few mm
of lateral positioning.

Another nice feature is that it allows yet another option for the other side of
the hub, assuming it's a flip flop hub.

Supplied with its own lock ring.
Dual fixed cog