New to fixed gears, and wonder why anybody would want one?!?

Plenty of reasons to get fixed- here are a few, in no particular order:
• Remember the experience of riding your first great bike? Feel it again, fixed gears are
that different
• It's the purest riding experience: you’re connected to the bike in an entirely different
• They're quick and agile: again, that direct connection creates a different feel,
especially when accelerating or climbing
• Fixed gears are lightweight: you don’t need to spend a fortune in exotic materials to
have a very light, responsive bike- a great fixie can be bought for a fraction of the cost
of a nice road bike. Excellent fun/$ ratio
• They're super simple: self explanatory, no derailleurs to keep in adjustment. Just
lube the chain occasionally and keep air in the tires. And ride
• They're super dependable (see above)
• Beautiful to look at: minimalist, elegant aesthetics
• It connects you with the early roots of our sport (see pics- Tour de France and Giro
de Italia on fixed!)
• It gives you a great aerobic workout- the legs never stop turning
• Leg speed is improved, and the circular movement of your legs is also
enhanced as you learn how to spin on the down hills
• The best reason? They're a blast to ride (which is why I have been doing
it for 30+ years...)

In an increasingly complex world it's nice to go retro on occasion,
to simplify your life. Fixed/one speed riding gives you that break, in
a decidedly fun way! And in this case, you actually gain from the experience.

For some FAQs on fixed gears, click
early '20s shot from Giro de Italia
1935 photo of fixed gear in Tour de France